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Buffalo, NY 14222
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About Us

Unitarian Universalists come from many diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and people of any denomination, race, sexual orientation and age are welcome. While we draw motivation from the world’s great faith traditions, we also look to many other sources for knowledge, guidance and inspiration. We encourage open and responsible development of our individual spirituality and conscience, and believe religious wisdom and spiritual insights are an ongoing process.

We come together to share our passions and resources in order that we may build a better life for ourselves, our community and our world. Through worship, programs, classes, social events and outreach we cultivate our values and put our faith into action in our social justice work. Though we don’t adhere to one single creed or doctrine, we have agreed to uphold and promote certain principles in how we want to be with one another and in the wider world.

Please check out the drop down menu tabs in the About Us section for more information on Unitarian Universalism and our church. Then come share a service with us. We’d love to meet you!