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Buffalo, NY 14222
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Adult Religious Education

Discovering Buffalo UU

Offered Periodically.   Contact Rev. Margret O’Neall

Because aspiring new members often have questions about us, we offer a "Discovering Buffalo UU" class to help them learn more about our church and about Unitarian Universalism in general. This class will give you the basic understanding you need to decide if joining our community is the right decision for you.

Building Your Own Theology I, II and III

Offered Periodically.   Contact Sonja Jensen, Director of Religious Education.

We are a non-creedal religion, so when people ask us “What do Unitarians Believe?” the answer is different for each of us. But the answer to “What do you believe?” is an important question. We offer "Building Your Own Theology." This class takes you through a 10-week program to help you to examine the spiritual and ethical values you have accumulated through the years and sift them into those truths that you hold to be central to your beliefs. In the end, you will have developed a personal credo, which you will be invited to share with the community.

Other Adult Education

In other adult enrichment, there are classes on Music, Theater, Literature, and Self Improvement. Watch our Newsletter and order of service for more details. If you have an Adult Education offering you are interested in presenting, please contact our RE Director, Sonja Jensen.

Maria Harris, a pioneering religious educator, declared that "The Congregation is the Curriculum." When adults learn, not only do they grow in their own faith development, but they set a great example for children that learning and faith development are a lifelong process.