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Appreciative Inquiry

We at UUCB have a beloved church. This time of transition offers us a great opportunity to strengthen our foundation and grow an even more thriving and engaged religious community that wholeheartedly reflects our values.Appreciative Inquiry is a way to bring us towards this goal. It is an organizational tool that focuses on our strengths rather than weaknesses, on building a vision of what is possible instead of becoming mired in problems, obstacles, difficulties, and deficits. It doesn’t ignore the reality of problems; it reframes them in constructive and affirmative ways. Appreciate means to value, be grateful for. Inquiry deals with exploration and discovery. It is a process that inspires us by focusing on our positive potential; on what IS working, and what we do well. The Appreciative Inquiry Leadership Team has come together to begin building the framework for this major endeavor. The aim is to enable us to create a future at UUCB that reflects the values and vision of our congregation. We will update this section as our work continues.