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Care Network

Members Caring for Each Other

The UUCB Community Care Network is a group of church members whose goal is to generate connectivity among the members and friends of the church.

Our network was formed several years ago to provide connection and support for members of our congregation by staying in touch, acknowledging the joys and concerns of their lives, and providing a loving presence and a helping hand, especially in times of sickness or difficulty. All requests are handled with confidentiality and respect.

We have a group of generous volunteers who are willing, ready and able to provide rides to members who may find themselves in need: we are able to help with medical appointments, meals in emergency situations, phone calls and visits, and cards and treats for special joys and sorrows.

You may call us or ask on behalf of another member by emailing wixsonsg@verizon.net.

The Community Care Network works every day to strengthen the mutually supportive connections in our congregation, as we are a community bound by the ties of love and mutual respect.

Joys and Concerns for the Pastoral Prayer

The Community Care Network staffs a side table at the front of the sanctuary for anyone who would like to complete a card to have a personal joy or concern included in the pastoral prayer. This service expands our ways of connecting with each other through the ups and downs of our lives. The cards are available every Sunday; a Community Care Network member at the table provides a personal connection.