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Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are groups of six to ten people who meet on a regular basis to engage in a structured discussion for deepening relationships and understanding. Covenant Groups are meant to complement Sunday services by presenting a small-group setting in which participants can more openly share their experiences and collectively “hold” those shared experiences in a safe and trusting environment.


It is in this personal environment that members learn to:


  • Share experiences openly and honestly

  • Listen without judgment or interruption

  • Develop relational skills and closer connections to members

  • Expand and/or complement one's own search for meaning and truth, spiritual development or religious engagement


Each group develops a covenantal agreement for how they will be with the group and each other. Although groups tailor their own covenants, some general agreements often include to attend regularly and to respect the confidentiality of all discussions in the group


Groups meet once or twice a month at the UUCB or individual homes. Topics are generally selected from a list of available topics, and a structured format is followed.


If you are interested in being part of a Covenant Group, please contact:


Phil Nicolai, John Marohn or Francis Montgomery