695 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 885-2136


The McCann Memorial Library of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo has about 2,700 books. The most popular books in the collection cover all aspects of Unitarian Universalism. The adult collection also contains books on other religions of the world, philosophy, spiritual readings, life issues (e.g. death, divorce, discipline, women’s role, LGBTQ issues), environmentalism, religious education, inspiring fiction and poetry, and other miscellaneous topics of interest to the congregation. The collections for children and youth contain books selected specifically to help young people deal with various life issues, as well as many books intended for fun and enjoyment.

Anyone who fills out an information card (name, address, phone, and email address) may take books out for four weeks. There are two cards in each book. Simply print your name and the current date on both, leave one on the desk of the library and keep the other one in the book.

The books have all been cataloged and arranged on the shelves in call number order. There is a catalog on the computer in the library, and it is also available on the internet here:


We encourage everyone to make use of our interesting collection.