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Long Range Planning

We live in a time and place filled with challenges for our beloved church and community. To address our challenges and opportunities  for the future, the Board in 2008 created a Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) with both appointed and elected members, to look with clear eyes at our present situation and to develop a Long Range Strategic Plan for the UUCB. Working with the congregation in a series of meetings and consultations, the LRPC presented the Long Range Plan for adoption by the congregation in January 2011.

The plan is a living, vital road map as together we chart our way into extraordinary future. A tracking system is being used to document responsibility for implementation and progress on the goals and actions items: Long Range Plan Progress Tracking Grid -- Feb. 2012.

Carl Granger, a member of the Long Range Planning Committee, has completed an analysis of the 2011 Congregational Self-Assessment Survey, completed by 88 responders via a SurveyMonkey program. The survey consists of a 45 item questionnaire which assesses the congregation on key criteria for vitality and growth. Respondents rank each item as to (1) Importance - how important is this to the life of the church? and (2) Agreement- to what extent do I agree that the congregation is achieving this objective? The second part of the survey collects demographic data.

The survey results can be used to guide church leaders in charting a course of action by looking at those items that the congregation considers important but people feel we are not achieving well – these would be aspects of church in which members would support a greater investment of time and attention to improve church functioning. Those ten items for attention, in which there were the greatest differences between importance and agreement in the 2011 Survey, arranged in order from highest to lowest, are:

  • Through Canvass and other fundraising activities, UUCB raises enough money to support its programs/operations.
  • People in our congregation are able to find outlets to use and share their gifts and skills.
  • Our congregation warmly and openly welcomes visitors and newcomers.
  • Expectations and roles of our volunteer leaders are clear and well-understood.
  • People in volunteer leadership roles are given support, encouragement, resources, and training.
  • Adequate parking is available.
  • Our congregation is strong in our ability to sustain current members.
  • Expectations and roles of our paid staff are clear and well-understood,
  • Our facilities are adequate for the needs of our staff.

This survey was first administered in 2009. Attached to the email this newsletter arrived in is the complete survey and a graphical comparison of the 2009 and 2011 results, in which the survey items are grouped according to major topics – religious education; congregational culture; resources, services & facilities; staff & volunteers; congregation members; and miscellaneous. You will also find a list of items arranged in importance regardless of agreement and a summary of demographic data. Your comments and input are always gratefully received.

The Long Range Planning Committee: Carl Granger, Eve Holberg, Jeff Lowry and Arlene Miles

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