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Buffalo, NY 14222
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Marriage and Commitment Ceremonies




Our Unitarian Universal ministers and chaplains are delighted to offer weddings, both to members of our congregation, and to non-members as well. A wedding in our church is open to couples from different faith traditions and gender orientations.

You may choose to have your wedding in our magnificent 400-seat sanctuary, or we can conduct your ceremony in a park, under a gazebo, or any place you wish.

Our beautiful English Country Gothic church, designed in 1906, has been described as “one of the best Arts and Crafts spaces in Buffalo”. A sanctuary of such rich design, a gem of architectural history, guarantees memorable wedding photos. Also, from early spring to late fall, the church grounds display a traditional English perennial garden, making a lovely setting for even more photos.

You and our minister will collaborate to design the ceremony with your ideas, forming a personal and unique spiritual expression of your commitment to each other.

We look forward to providing you this opportunity to experience the creation of your new spiritual union within the customs of centuries-old traditions. 


For more information click on our link to Arrangements.

Our Wedding Coordinator, Paulette Notaro, can be contacted at paulettenotaro@buffalouu.org



After you have scheduled your date and toured our facilities with our wedding coordinator, you will determine the final shape of your ceremony in discussions with our Minister, and our Minister of Music.