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Meaning of Membership

Membership in a Unitarian Universalist congregation is an intentional and joyfully responsible process, since every church is self-governing and self-sustaining, relying on members for active participation in the life of the church, and for financial support to sustain the church.

Here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, in keeping with our UU tradition, we take membership very seriously. As the founders of this church nearly 200 years ago knew very well, our churches exist only because their members create and sustain them, with their active engagement, their thoughtful participation in democratic process, and their caring stewardship of the buildings, the people and the programs, including their financial support.

Being an active member includes participating in the programs and decision-making processes of the church, keeping your contact information and preferences up to date so that we can reach you, and responding to the invitation to be a responsible steward and supporter of the church to the extent that your circumstances allow.

A Unitarian Universalist congregation is a democratic institution. Members in good standing are eligible for elected leadership positions and to vote in decisions of the congregation.