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Buffalo, NY 14222
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Music at UUCB

Music is wonder, an alchemy of art, love’s pure enchantment, communion for the heart

 ~The Rev. Mark Belletini  


Oh, yes, music in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo speaks to wonderment, art, enchantment and communion. The choir, always open to new singers, is joyous, loving, versatile and gifted.


On any Sunday morning, depending on the sermon topic, the sanctuary could be filled with the sound of rollicking jazz, a heart-wrenching art song, a rhythmic and exciting spiritual, the powerful sound of a 65-voice choir singing in Hebrew, Latin, German French, Spanish, English, or Swahili, or a hushed and reverent solo – to enliven and enrich our worship.  


Under the direction of Minister of Music, Barbara Wagner, the UUCB Choir performs twice a year (April and December) with members of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in special “Music Sundays” at the church. These standing-room-only events feature major choral works, and are eagerly anticipated by the larger Buffalo community.


And, their talents don’t stop with music!  For Valentine’s Day, the Choir prepares a special theme dinner in a gala fundraiser, enthusiastically entertaining a sellout crowd – a major highlight of the UUCB church year.


The mission of the Choir is to nurture the ministry of music in the life of the congregation; to encourage members and friends to share and develop their musical gifts; and to share the ministry of music with the community outside our congregation.


Come, listen, enjoy…and, if you think you’d like to be a part of this amazing choir, please contact Ms. Wagner at wagschoir@roadrunner.com.




To All Singers and Fire-Bringers (after attending a Buffalo UU choir concert):


I showed up tired for the music,

Showed up with no expectation –

Just another evening being dutiful,

A cold cinder who used to make fire.

A line of singers came

before us, gathering into an arc,

a re-curved bow

Strung loose and ready.

A wise woman strode forward,

Sat at the piano, spreading pages

Covered with notes and poems

On the stand, striking a chord.


But I was still tired

With few expectations

Just dutifully there,

A cinder who used to make fire.


The pianist waved a hand

That cued the rest to hum

A stack of notes as a soprano

Ooo-ed the start of a melody

All joining with words

in a rhythm, calling for a spirit,

some holy ghost to come in.

I sat straighter in my seat.


Strings of strong and poignant words

Pouring from the arc of the bow

Kept drilling into our heartwood.

Each song brought sparks and heat.

I think we smelled smoke.


There was a young singer, a woman

With an aura so bright, her whole body

Swayed, animated, her face lit up,

her mouth offering ineffable joy.

I’d swear she had wings.


Oh, it’s good to be awake,

A seeker once again,

A servant of the beautiful,

An ember here to make fire.


          ~Angus Watkins

 Ashville, NY