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Rites of Passage




As youth reach an age of discernment at UUCB they are asked to consider their personal beliefs in a year-long Coming of Age class. Through this class they examine their families' beliefs, Unitarian Universalist values and theology, as well as ideas from influential world religions. They are then guided to integrate these elements with their own inner voices to create personally meaningful credos.



At the culmination of this class, they participate in a worship service where they share their credos with the congregation and are invited into membership in the UUCB Youth Group.




As our teenagers graduate from high school and their Youth group, we celebrate with a bridging ceremony. This bridge is symbolic of the transition from youth to young adulthood -- a transition that marks the individual taking full responsibility for his/her faith development and the connection that ties them to the larger community.



We celebrate their roots as learners and experimenters in our faith and give them wings to carry them into a world of opportunities for growth, service and learning in the larger world.