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Buffalo, NY 14222
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A Unitarian Universalist Church is self-sustaining, relying on the active participation and financial support of its members and friends to thrive in today's world. The primary source of funds for the church is the commitment members make to support those activities that manifest the values and presence of the church in this community.


Each year, the members of the congregation are asked to make a pledge of financial support, letting the church know the level of their giving for the coming year. This process allows church leaders to prepare a budget, approved by the congregation, to fund the activities and programs of the church.


The Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo is a fair share congregation with the Unitarian Universalist Association . Each year we send in Association dues of $58 for every active member.  We also contribute dues of about $23 per member to our St. Lawrence District, so the total UUA cost for every active member on our books is $81. In return, the church receives the services and support of our larger Association, and each member receives a subscription to UU World magazine, as well as other indirect benefits of UUA participation. 



If any member is experiencing financial difficulties and cannot afford to pledge even $5-10 a month to help cover these direct costs of membership, the minister, or a member of the Stewardship team or the Board of Trustees, may authorize a waiver of the financial responsibility of membership for that year. As we take this action, we rely on the assurance that as part of being a supportive community, others will support the budget that makes the church services, programs and facilities possible.


There are also other options. If a member is not presently active and participating in the church, and not in a position to fulfill the core responsibilities of engagement and support as an active and voting member, that person may request a change to Friend status, until she or he is in a position to be more actively involved. This keeps the individual in connection, but reduces the church's direct cost of his or her membership. Friends may participate in all the activities of the church but are not eligible for election to a leadership position or to vote in congregational decisions.


Please feel free to communicate with us about your connection with the church. We value each of our Members and Friends, and we are working every day to find more effective ways to communicate and keep you connected to this wonderful community of liberal faith.