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Service Times

We meet for worship each Sunday at 11:00 AM.  On June 17, 2012 we will be starting our summer hours: Worship will begin at 10:00 AMYou may enter the church either through the Sanctuary doors that face onto West Ferry Street, or through the Garden Entrance (accessible) that is set back from the sidewalk at West Ferry and Elmwood Avenue, just west of the Sanctuary door. We have a welcome station with a greeter at both entrances, where you may get a name tag and find out what you would like to know about the church.

Upcoming Service Topic

Sunday, June 10, 11:00amWe Are a Bouquet -- Rev. Margret A. O’NeallAs the flowers in a bouquet bring their variety to create more beauty than any of them could achieve alone, so on this day we come together to celebrate unity in diversity, to dedicate a child, to welcome new church members and celebrate the beauty we create together. Please bring a flower to share in our annual flower exchange. FROM THE CHOIR: The music for this week all reflects the joy of Spring and maybe even a bit of Summer. Michael's solo, It was a Lover and his Lass is a charming song set by Gerald Finzi, one of our fine British composers and Tim's song is a gentle love song by Gabriel Faure. Rainer Maria Rilke's song about roses and maybe a few thorns was set by one of our favorites, Morten Lauridsen. The softly flowing melodies of The Bird and the Hour by Stephen Chatman is another of our favorites. This is the last week for the choir until September. Bless their generous hearts and voices and all of the brilliant work they did this year.
Sunday, June 17, 10:00 amFamily -- Rev. Margret A. O’Neall Father’s Day provides yet another opportunity to consider how we are all parents to all children, siblings to one another. In an era of “family values” we affirm once again that all families have value, and that our universal kinship has many layers of powerful meaning.Sunday, June 24, 10:00 am18th century Deism and the Modern UU – William WolfersThe ideas of Diderot and Helvetius strongly influenced both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, and thus some of the formative ideas of our government. How does the Deistic belief, that there is a spiritual force behind the origin of the Universe, continue to shape our thinking about the Divine and human nature?

Date SermonTitle Preacher Name Link to pdf and/or audio file
5/27/2012 Commitment and Sacrifice Rev. Margret O'Neall Commitment & Sacrifice
5/20/2012 Love Learn Live Rev. Margret O'Neall Love Learn Live
5/13/2012 Step by Step Rev. Margret O'Neall Step by Step
4/29/2012 From You I Receive Rev. Margret O'Neall From You I Receive
4/22/2012 Spiritual Responsibility Rev. Margret O'Neall Spiritual Responsibility
4/15/2012 A Justice Seeking People Rev. Margret O'Neall A Justice Seeking People
4/8/2012 Seeking the Source Rev. Margret O'Neall Seeking the Source
3/18/2012 The Root Children Rev. Margret O'Neall The Root Children
3/11/2012 The Power of Our Stories Rev. Margret O'Neall Power of Stories
3/4/2012 Living the Dream Sonja Jensen, DRE Living the Dream
2/26/2012 LEAP Love Engagement And Possibility Rev. Margret O'Neall LEAP
2/19/2012 Darwin History and Evolution Rev. Margret O'Neall Darwin
2/12/2012 Love the Final Frontier Rev. Margret O'Neall Love the Final Frontier
1/1/2012 A Friendly Emptiness Kathryn Tew Rickey A Friendly Emptiness
1/15/2012 Pyramid of Privilege Rev. Margret O'Neall Pyramid of Privilege
1/8/2012 Thoughts on God Rev. Margret O'Neall Thoughts on God
12/18/2011 Love Shines in the Darkness Rev. Margret O'Neall Love Shines
12/11/2011 Belonging Rev. Margret O'Neall Belonging
11/27/2011 The Friendly Forest John Rex The Friendly Forest
11/20/2011 Our Commitments Rev. Margret O'Neall Our Commitments
11/13/2011 Faith Rev. Margret O'Neall Faith
11/6/2011 Saving Daylight Rev. Margret O'Neall Saving Daylight
10/30/2011 Liminal Space Rev. Margret O'Neall Liminal Space
10/16/2011 Gowing a Church Rev. Margret O'Neall Growing a Church
10/9/2011 Turning Rev. Margret O'Neall Turning
10/2/2011 Growth by Association Jan Gartner Growth by Association
9/25/2011 New Beginnings Rev. Margret O'Neall New Beginnings 
9/18/2011 Walking Together Rev. Margret O'Neall Walking Together